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BoilOver with Back to Back

On April 3rd, BoilOver Members, along with Bernie, Kat, Shannon and Josie, took the Distinctive Options bus for a ride out to Geelong to engage in a day long workshop at the internationally renowned theatre company, Back to Back Theatre. After some excited greetings with our past Artistic Director, Tamara Searle, (who is now an Artistic Associate with Back to Back), we went inside and met the workshop director for the day, James Pratt, and the Theatre of Speed ensemble members.

The workshop consisted of some excellent warm up drama games, improvisation skills development and scene devising. It was a wonderful opportunity for BoilOver members to learn from a new director and to work within a different ensemble.

Some beautiful work came out of the workshop, including some fantastic devised pieces inspired by music. Kat, Bernie, Shannon and Josie also took part in the workshop and all gained valuable insights and knowledge from the experience. Here are some words from our ensemble and staff members about the day:

“It was really valuable to be in a professional space, with room to move, and it also has a wealth of history of making work.”

“Every space you work in will always influence the work. It was really special to come into the space where work is created. This room is fantastic.”

“Cause you meet new friends, but keep the old. You get more creative ideas when you are working with new people. Inspiring.”

“Bold offers today. Sometimes putting ourselves in different environments makes us take bigger risks.”

“Different than normal for sure.”

“We were able to make a play show; stories about war and love.”

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