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The Performers


Emma Norton

I am an actor, dancer, songwriter and choreographer. I want to express myself on stage – just be yourself, don’t be afraid of acting on stage. I love working in partnership with other artists and am inspired by stageplays, theater, acting, dance and music. I want to travel around the world studying, learning about the arts and performing to the public. I am a member of BoilOver, Weave Movement Theatre and studied Ignition Theatre Training in 2014. I also wrote, performed in and co-directed the dance film Skin Touching Sky that was part of the 2014 Other Film Festival.


 Darren Martin

I am a fancy artist. I am friendly and like making sound effects. I like sharing my art and love it when the audience laughs. I am funny. I feel strong when I perform.


 Corinne Morgan

I am a good at performing and being talented, I am also good at cooking.

I enjoy making an audience happy and surprised. In the past I have performed with Ambient Orchestra and Too Hot to Handle. BoilOver makes me happy, dancing and singing and performing. I am inspired by other dancers movement’s and then dancing with them.


 Jaymie Lee McMahon

I like dancing and looking and sharing my art. I feel happy and exited when people are watching me, and I like it when the audience joins in. I love working on my own and with others and I like P!nk. I want to travel as a performer. I joined BoilOver in 2013 and in 2014 I performed in the underwater dance film Water Dreaming.


Brendan King

I am a singer, dancer and poet. I use my body and other people to explore and in stillness I like to play, I like to watch others and events. I want an audience to feel happy when they watch my work. I like tennis, small toys and Johnny Cash. I want to discover what I can and can’t do. I have danced at Federation Square and sing gospel songs at church. I have been performing with BoilOver since 2008.


 Morgan Webb Liddle

I am funny and am good at dancing, cooking, experimenting and risk taking. I like to shock my Mum. I love One Direction, working with others, making new friends and meeting other artists. I want an audience to feel excited when I perform.

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